Neonatal & Pediatric Hematology

Pediatric and neonatal hematology is considered as a specialized science that incorporate with the hematopoietic, immunologic and chemical changes in a growing child. Neonatal hematology is a complex and dynamic process in the pediatric community.

There are dramatic changes occur in the blood and bone marrow of the newborn baby during the first hours and after some days of birth and there are rapid variances in the quantities of every single hematologic components. Neonatal hematologic values are disturbed by the gestational age of the infant, the presence of illness, and the level of support required for the child. Pediatric hematologists/oncologists diagnose, treat, and manage children and teens with diseases of blood cells including disorders of white cells, red cells, and platelets, bleeding disorders etc.

  • Bleeding and clotting disorders
  • Haematological malignancies
  • Blood transfusion
  • Blood bank
  • Stem cell transplantation
  • Tumour cell biology
  • Drug development and diagnostics
  • Bone marrow

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