InnovatioCuris Pvt Ltd, commonly known as “IC” is a unique organization, which brings deep healthcare expertise, a scientific rigour on applying global innovation models & management processes by leveraging IT to deliver healthcare at an optimum cost.


IC being the curator and owner of:

1. International InnoHEALTH Conference: IC is committed to bring the best of innovations in healthcare to India every year in form of its annual conference InnoHEALTH.

2. InnoHEALTH Magazine:

InnoHEALTH Magazine, the media vertical of IC brings access to exclusive articles composed by various healthcare experts from around the globe and highlights various innovative practices and researches being done world over on health related problems.

It is to ideate, innovate, create and impact healthcare delivery for the have-nots.

Bringing out and highlighting innovations in health sector, InnoHEALTH magazine focuses its binoculars on latest developments in health sphere.

The magazine has high-powered team of global advisors and editors hence

providing trusted information to its readers with support of all its stakeholders.

3. IC InnovatorCLUB (IC)2 : Is a global network of healthcare innovators and aims to have members hailing not only from India but also across the globe. (IC)2 aims to connect some of the top leaders in healthcare for knowledge and skill sharing and create a nurturing environment where members can further enhance their skills. Providing educational opportunities to its members to learn new ways of thinking, discuss challenges faced in business, exchange ideas and engage with local, national and international dignitaries who are in the forefront of business development and thought leadership.

4. Webinars and Training programs: IC has conducted many webinars in the field of healthcare innovation. Many healthcare experts from around the world have been invited to give talks on various topics of healthcare innovations. IC covers topics like Hospital planning and design-Lean, Innovative & Evidence Based, Mobile applications, Security for health systems and Cyber security for its training programs and has conducted various training sessions on them.

5. Market Access Program: IC provides mentoring and hand holding support to get their innovative healthcare products into the India market.

Through all these verticals IC works to reduce the healthcare delivery cost and improving the quality of care by working with a growing community of more than 35,000 health experts worldwide.

The 9th Advanced Academic Rheumatology Review Course will be taking place from October 11 – October 14, 2019 at Jumeirah at Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

This year ADARRC Academies will be back for its 2nd Edition, consisting of 6 Academies:

  • Immunology Academy
  • Radiology & Rheumatology Academy
  • Research Methodology Academy
  • Nurses Academy
  • Pharmacists Academy
  • Primary Care Academy

ADARRC 2019 will also host a Vasculitis Summit on October 14, 2019.

Journal “Pediatria” named after G.N. Speransky (the official short names of the Journal are “Journal «Pediatria»,” “Pediatria,” and “«Pediatria,» the Journal”) is the oldest Soviet-and-Russian (in the Russian Federation, the CIS and former Soviet Union) scientific and practical medical periodical assigned for paediatricians that is published continuously since May, 1922, and distributed worldwide. Our mission statement specifies that we aim to the ‘raising the level of skills and education of pediatricians, organizers of children’s health protection services, medicine scientists, lecturers and students of medical institutes for higher education, universities and colleges worldwide with an emphasis on Russian-speaking audience and specific, topical problems of children’s healthcare in Russia, the CIS, Baltic States and former Soviet Union Countries and their determination with the use of the World’s best practices in pediatrics.’ As part of this objective, the Editorial of the Journal «Pediatria» named after G.N. Speransky itself adopts a neutral position on issues treated within the Journal. The Journal serves to further academic discussions of topics, irrespective of their nature - whether religious, racial-, gender-based, environmental, ethical, political or other potentially or topically contentious subjects. The Journal is registered with the ISSN, - the international identifier for serials and other continuing resources, in the electronic and print world: ISSN 0031-403X (Print), and ISSN 1990-2182 (Online). The Journal was founded by the Academician, Dr. Georgiy Nestorovich SPERANSKY, in May, 1922. Now (since 1973) the Journal bears his honorary name.

Established in Singapore, SyncSci Publishing Pte. Ltd. is founded by several scholars from different research fields. Our company focuses on knowledge sharing and open-access instead of profiting. We are dedicated to publish high quality articles that provide innovative and scientific research findings to scholars worldwide.

Organized by Guangdong Wellness Association, Wellness China 2020 is one of the most well-known and popular wellness and health exhibitions in China. It covers a whole range of wellness and health products, including food Supplements, Traditional Chinese Medicines, Wellness Devices, Health and Wellness Institutes and Services, Health Care Products, and etc, and attracts exhibitors from Mainland China, HK, TW, Korea, Sweden, France, and so forth.